Getting sued for Christmas

I ran into this chap in the shops today. He thanked me for the three points on his license. They’re the ones he got because he used his mobile to text while driving. Rather than accepting wrong doing he’s turned to blame, and it’s my fault that he got caught.

“Aw, having Christmas alone are we?” said his wife, peering into my trolley. She’s the one who, being some sort of legal type, is going to sue me at the behest of the guy who presumably thinks using one hand to text while driving is more important than the safety of others. Though of course not nearly as important as pursuing vengeance through frivolous court cases.

“Legal cases are very expensive” he said, looking pleased with himself, “Merry Christmas.”

So here comes the legal wrangling from a husband and wife team who are apparently more concerned with being petty than accepting a minor punishment doled out by the police for a dangerous and illegal activity.

They’re probably going to argue that texting while driving is a private act, and one which I invaded. But it’s a public highway, in full view by all, there’s no expectation of privacy. Oh, but what about that EU thing, human rights and all that, that’s surely something intended to be used by those who have been caught driving dangerously to take revenge. Except article 8 of Human Rights Act 1998 only applies to public bodies.

So what’s left? The Data Protection Act, 1998. Am I holding personally identifiable information? A license plate isn’t personal, and a blurry underexposed face isn’t either.

It’s quite indicative of his intentions and character that a legal battle is the first step he takes. If the YouTube video is a problem it’s very easy to contact me online and ask for it to be removed.

That’s all for now, as I’m off to sue the police (it’s their fault that it’s my fault). Though maybe I’ll wait a few days, I’ve got a whole Christmas dinner to eat by myself!


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