Replacement cycle lane, Quay street

Quay street is one way with a contraflow cycle lane. Building works have narrowed the road so there’s no more room on the road for both a road and the bike lane. Rather than remove the cycle lane it has instead been moved onto the pavement, which is quite narrow in places. The cycle lane also has to yield priority at junctions.

I’m in two minds as to whether this compromise is good or not.

On one hand it’s great that cycling has been considered and it’s still usable, albeit in a slightly unsatisfactory manner. It wouldn’t have surprised me if the cycle lane had simply been removed, so my low expectations have been surpassed!

As the road is a bus route it would be a huge hassle to close the road to motor vehicles. Other solutions like priority signs and or traffic lights are a step too far to solve the problem I think, probably introducing more issues.

When it comes down to it road works are temporary and inconvenience all road users in one way or another. It’s unfortunate that on Quay Street it’s introduced extra risk to pedestrians and inconvenience to cyclists.


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